Organizational Change Management

At Mcker, we believe that managing organizational change is woven into the fabric of entire project and beyond.  It is the process of planning and implementing change in organizations to ensure that the personnel is ready, able and willing to adopt the new change in such a way so as to minimize resistance and cost to the organization.

A successful and sustained adoption of change is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the change effort and should be regarded as an on-going requirement. The key aspects of managing change include:

Ø  Align Leadership and Prepare Leaders to advocate and Promote awareness, understanding, acceptance, and commitment to the effective implementation of the project;

Ø  Engage Stakeholders and create awareness by providing clear and consistent messaging via different communication channels. Consistent and Continual engagement of stakeholders to inform them of compelling reasons for adopting the proposed project changes

Ø  Support implementation of changes to processes, policies and technologies, through thorough impact assessment and deployment of readiness plans

Ø  Develop personnel – Prepare and equip users to be successful in the new environment by providing a meaningful training program and interactive learning environment