At McKer, we assist our client’s executive leadership in drafting their technology, and/or operational strategy to align with their stated goals and objectives. We combine deep domain knowledge and people insight with the understanding of how technology will impact their current state.  We conduct a needs analysis to help identify business needs and create a strategic roadmap to meet those needs, close any gaps, measure progress toward goals and aid the decision making process. The plans are in increments of the timeframes suited to the mission and objectives. The strategic road maps are not set in stone but allow for variability and adaptability to suit the rapidly changing technology, legal and organizational environment.


We rely on the Balanced Scorecard Method and Design Thinking methodologies when crafting solutions.

Balanced Score Card (BSC) is used as a framework to help translate strategy into operational objectives that will derive people behavior and performance.

Design Thinking is a human centered approach to designing experiences, tools and processes. Following this approach allows us to become more innovative, customer-oriented and deliver a holistic solution.